Private Investigator

Mataró, Granollers, Barcelona

In INEDIT detectives we will clear up all your doubts, thanks to the experience and the use of the most modern research techniques. We will collect all those reliable data that will help you in the effective resolution of your case.

We obtain and collect the maximum amount of evidence and evidence you need, records of images, videos and other documents that will be clear and irrefutable.

We conduct our investigations with an unparalleled level of professionalism, ensuring that they will be carried out effectively and discreetly by our detectives.

We have the corresponding degree of Private Detective, obtained at the University of Law of Barcelona, – license nº 2917 – granted by the Ministry of the Interior (General Directorate of the Spanish Police).

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We live in the so-called Information age,
Having it is a key element when making the right decisions,
but for this information to be useful and relevant, it must first of all be truthful and contrasted by a detective.

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